Everyone loves Perl. They just don't know it yet. I've been commissioned for a beginner's introduction to Perl at the official perl.com site, and will post links here as each article goes live.

Part 1: Beginner's Introduction to Perl

In this first part of our series, you'll learn a few basics about Perl and see a small sample program. (Discusses math, strings, and loops.)

Part 2: The other two Rs
(originally posted November 7, 2000)

Finishes the core concepts: loops, flow control, and subs. A little bit more about strings, and a lot about how to play with files.

Part 3: A little s/// and m//
(originally posted November 20, 2000)

Pattern matching and regular expressions, the coolest things about Perl. Yes, I chose that title myself.

Part 4: It's CGI Time
(originally posted December 2000)

Perl is my language of choice for CGI programming, and here's why. Discusses CGI.pm and its ":standard" mode, which exposes a nice library of functions to the user.

Part 5: Objects and Modules
(originally posted December 21, 2000)

A little bit about OOP (object-oriented programming) in Perl. Shows a sample of writing your own Perl module, and how to use it. Several exercises, including a look at CGI.pm from an object-oriented perspective.